Meet Our Staff

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Karen Camp


Sound Healer, Lightworker and more

Karen has experience in the healing field adapting a variety of modalities. 
She feels you never quit learning new things as your perspective on life is ever changing. 
We all can heal others and ourselves through energy, frequency, and intentions. 
She does not believe one should give up going to a medical professional when necessary.
The ways in which we are meant to heal come from within. 
We are all able to tap into the source. 
Karen is merely a vehicle that is guided to help with what you need at the time. 
She's in tune and empathetic and knows that the healing practices do not come from her, but from the sources outside her that she continues to learn how to tap into and study her source.
  Some may call this the Universe, God, Spirit, Guides or whatever.  It does not need a name or a label as for her it comes from the purest unconditional source called Love. 
She likes to help others with their life challenges, centering self and how to manage pain whether mental or physical.
She has completed Master Training for Sound alchemy healing Singing bowls therapy.
She is also a certified Cannacian, having attended the course two different occasions instructed by creator Regina Nelson PhD and well known author.
Certified "Bars" Access Consciousness healer.
Has just completed her first series of Remote Viewing instructed by Jana Lynn who has 15 years experience in the field and was instructed by the top leaders Lee Buchanan and Lori Williams.
Karen continues to stay immersed in different healing, light worker, intuitive training to hone her skills and to help others in their path.
Earlier in life she worked for herself as a Hair Stylist, Colorist and Esthetician in Tulsa, New York City, Munich, Germany, and Dallas, Texas.
She has worked as a party planner, owned a residential cleaning service, Owned two different restaurants, worked as an office manager for well known Doctor in Tulsa, later as his private assistant handling all of his bookkeeping and daily chef and caretaker in general. 
She was the event planner and remains treasurer for Center of Light Spiritual Center in her spare time.
Her attention to detail and caring nature is a great asset in all she does.
Karen welcomes your inquiries by email 

Monica Murray

Private practitioner offering individual sessions and group training for Body, Mind, Spirit integration and balance

Monica was born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma.  Although she enjoys traveling the world for both work and pleasure, she always comes home to the land of her heritage.
After earning her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma she went on to receive an Estheticians license and a Master’s degree in this field, which enabled her to fulfill the goal of owning a successful spa business.  In this endeavor she helped clients maintain beautiful skin, healthy bodies and overall well-being.
As Monica gained training and experience the focus gradually shifted to the body-mind-spirit connection.  On a continuing basis she studies subjects including Tapping, Meditation, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, spirituality, relationship building and peace resolution.  Her private practice revolves around the art of subtle healing and empowering people to develop wonderful lives while serving themselves, their communities and the greater good.   The concepts she holds dear and endeavors to share with others are presented through individual consultations, group sessions and large scale interactions.  In conjunction with practical application; she writes, teaches and speaks publically about these areas of interest.
In addition to pursuing her Ph.D. in Philosophy, Monica’s passions take her to many places, allowing for the discovery and celebration of diverse cultures and traditions.  Curiosity and compassion propel her into an ever greater understanding of humanity and the value of living to enjoy every moment.
To ensure balance in her personal existence Monica meditates daily, cherishes time with family and friends, and picks up a paint brush to splash color on canvas whenever possible.