Crystal Singing Bowls for frequency healing

Karen has been trained by Jay Schwed and Megan Ann Walker and uses Crystal and Alchemy singing bowls along with healing sound tubes depending on what she feels is beneficial to your need.


She feels as an empath that the bowls tell her what sounds to emit to help you. She focuses only on you in a private session where you lay on her comfortable massage table and is raised so that you are not laying completely flat. While sheets and comforter help you to be cozy along with either a cool gelled eye mask or soft lavender infused eye mask along with infused essential oil vaporizer. Let your mind go free and envelop the beautiful healing frequency sounds just for you.


It is advised to drink water before and after your session and the rest of the day to flush the body of toxins and emotions that will be released.

Clients have been known to sleep ( or go into a deep meditative state), Cry as a release, laugh with joy. This is completely about you and your well being, all emotions are welcomed. You are in a safe environment 


Please, Do not drink alcohol before your session. If you wear a pacemaker or have had strokes you may want to contact your Doctor first.


Each session changes as different energy is constantly moving through the body and what you need is different daily.


By appointment only. Karen is also available for your group! Inquire for rates.


PLEASE NOTE- Your Session may last 30 minutes or longer depending on the clearing Karen feels is necessary. It is difficult to put an exact time limit on this. You will only be charged the 30 minute rate unless specified to play for an hour.


Some of the benefits received from your Sound Treatment Reduce stress and anxiety significantly Lower anger and blood pressure


Improve circulation and increases blood flow Deep relaxation and pain relief Chakra balancing Increase mental and emotional clarity


Promote stillness, happiness and well being. Stimulates the immune system.